May 31, 2023, League of Women Voters of Warren County Annual Meeting

Thank you to Allegheny National Forest Ranger Wendy Andersen, a Natural Resources Planner, for her presentation on the ANF's Centennial. Ranger Andersen shared an in-depth history of the forest's recovery to resilience and the scheduled events for the celebration.

The LWVWC annual meeting was held following the presentation. For more details, please email

                                                     Sunshine Law and Election Reform & Voting Rights Study
ON March 15, 2023, in the Slater Room of Warren Public Library, 205 Market St., Warren, Andrea Stapleford- Esquire, gave an informative presentation on the Sunshine Law "The Requirements for Transparent  Local Government."
Attorney Stapleford's presentation was followed by the “Election Reform / Voting Rights”  with the  LWV of Warren County. 
League members produced this study as part of their educational mission in 2022.
The Warren County League with PA LWV supports effective election laws that guarantee citizens' right to vote, ensure that elections are accessible, transparent, fair, and secure; promote universal voter participation, and provide voters with meaningful choices at the polls.
Currently, this topic is at the center of important national and state controversies. The pros and cons of subjects as: voter registration, early and mail-in voting, Drop Boxes and Voter ID will be presented by League’s study group members for the public’s review. The presentation includes the current status of PA law for voting rights, with ideas and references from many other states’ voting rights. The complete study is now available on our website at

League of Women Voters of Warren County, Warren, Pennsylvania

Celebrating 62 Years of Empowering Voters & Defending Democracy!

Christopher Baxter
SpotlightPA Investigative Reporter

                                                                2023 Warren County Commissioners Candidate Forum - May 10th at 6 PM
The 2023 Warren County Commissioners Candidate Forum was held on Wednesday, May 10th at 6 PM in the Slater Room of the Warren Public Library, 205 Market Street, Warren, PA. The forum was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Warren County. According to LWVWC President Susan Swab, "one Democrat and six Republican candidates will be participating. Each candidate was introduced by a moderator and each candidate had the opportunity to respond to two prepared questions that they received prior to the forum. Following the time period, candidates answered questions by rotation. Questions pertained to subjects pertaining to elections, property assessment, human services, courts and corrections, planning and land use, emergency services, transportation, and additional services."
The public was invited to submit questions at the event or email them to prior to the event. Questions were required to relate to public issues rather than political parties.  No wearable or political materials were allowed in the Slater room during the event.
This was an educational opportunity for voting citizens to learn more about Warren County Commissioner primary candidates' knowledge and opinions. The primary election will be held on May 16th. The Forum will be live-streamed at and on Facebook at Your Daily Local. For viewing after the Forum visit

Andrea Stapleford, Esquire

November 8, 2023, League of Women Voters Annual Membership Meeting
Thank you to Assistant District Attorney Cody Brown for presenting an informative program on the Warren County, Pennsylvania, murder of Judge Allison Wade.

A. D. A. Brown graduated from Western Michigan Thomas M. Cooley
Law School in Lansing, Michigan, during which time he was employed
as an intern for the Michigan Attorney General’s Office. 
After graduation, he was employed as a Judicial Law Clerk for the
37th Judicial District, clerking for the Honorable Maureen A. Skerda,
Honorable Gregory J. Hammond and the Honorable William F. Morgan.

A brief business meeting of the League of Women Voters of Warren County
followed the presentation.