2017 Annual Meeting of the League of Women Voters of Warren County
 On Tuesday, June 6th in the Slater Room of the Warren Public Library speaker Marnie Sullivan presented, to an attentive audience, information on Fair Districts PA.
Fair District PA is a non-partisan collation of citizens and organizations working to reform PA redistrict rules and make the process of drawing district impartial transparent and accountable – promoting competitive elections and partisan fairness. Redistricting can occur with the 2020 census and requires a bill be passed in two consecutive years session of the legislature. Now is the time to learn and act.
 To learn more about the goals, process and materials available for this initiative go to www.fairdistrictspa.com . This is an important part of the Pennsylvania League’s current programming. Follow up actions will be planned with the audience.


Warren County League of Women Voters
Warren, Pennsylvania