League of Women Voters of Warren County, Warren, Pennsylvania

Celebrating 61 Years of Empowering Voters & Defending Democracy!

Sunshine Law and Election Reform & Voting Rights Study

Citizens are invited to the Warren County League of Women Voters'  public meeting on two important issues as part of Sunshine Week.
March 15, 2023, in the Slater Room of Warren Public Library, 205 Market St., Warren.  

At 5 PM — Andrea Stapleford- Esquire, will give the Sunshine Law "The Requirements for Transparent  Local Government."
Directly following her presentation will be the “Election Reform / Voting Rights”  with the  LWV of Warren County. 
League members produced this study as part of their educational mission in 2022.
The Warren County League with PA LWV supports effective election laws that guarantee citizens' right to vote, ensure that elections are accessible,
transparent, fair, and secure; promote universal voter participation, and provide voters with meaningful choices at the polls.
Currently, this topic is at the center of important national and state controversies.
The pros and cons of subjects as: voter registration, early and mail-in voting, Drop Boxes and Voter ID will be presented by League’s study group members for the public’s review. The presentation includes the current status of PA law for voting rights, with ideas and references from many other states’ voting rights. The complete study is now available on our website at lwvwc@yahoo.com.